Quartz Sand - ingredient of the composite that makes the tiles durable and stable.
Plastic - we use only plastic from the recycling process, in which it reaches the appropriate parameters for reuse. Thus, the waste does not affect the natural environment and makes the tile light and durable.
The composite roof tile is a thoroughly ecological product, the most important features of which are: durability, low weight and a wide range of applications.
Composite roof tile

The roof tiles are produced from the recycled plastic of packaging waste origin, it is mixed with quartz sand to create a durable and long-lasting composite.

We care
about the waste
Reproducible quality

The unique production process, in which we use steel forms, ensures dimensional and repeatable quality of the tiles. Thanks to this, we obtain high tightness and aesthetics of the roofing and no waste during the roofing process. The composite production process ensures low thermal conductivity of the material.

Batten lug
Channel lock
Packaging feet
Grid patern
X-Grid system

The unique X-grid system causes the stresses in the tile to be evenly distributed. Thanks to it, the tile is even more durable and lighter.

Modern design

Tetrix Roofs is intended to be a modern brand that focuses on unconventional solutions and its products are ecological and modern, i.e. flat tiles. Both on the domestic and foreign markets, sales of flat roof tiles have been increasing for several years. This is due to the changing trends in architecture. Buildings with modern shapes are built, and often classic, existing buildings undergo “modern” metamorphoses.

Fastener hole
The composite tile is twice as light as the ceramic tile, which makes roofing work faster and the investment in the roof truss is lower.
Resistant to the forces of nature, such as hail. It does not break even in the event of a fall from a great height and in transport. Composite tiles = no waste.
Easy to assemble
Composite tile is a way for quick and easier roofing work. The material mounted with two wood screws can be freely cut and drilled without the risk of mechanical damage. No system tiles.
Perfect for photovoltaics
Racks for photovoltaic panels can be attached directly to the roof tiles. There is no need to use system tiles.
UV resistant
It does not discolor under the influence of sunlight.
Frost resistant
Thanks to its structure, the tile is resistant to low temperatures.
Resistant to the forces of nature
Resistant to frost, rain, UV rays.
No condensation phenomenon
Water vapor does not condense under the tile surface. A feature that is particularly important when used in agricultural facilities.
Hail resistant
Thanks to its uniform mass, it provides excellent protection in critical moments and prevents damage to the roof surface.
Resistant to hurricane winds
The advantage of the tile is its repeatability. Perfectly adapts to the roof surface, thanks to which the wind cannot tear it up.
Fire resistance - class A1
The tile does not contribute to the development of fire, i.e. it does not react to the thermal effects of a developed fire.

Compared to the ceramic tile, the composite tile is lighter, more resistant to the forces of nature and more durable. In comparison with the metal roofing tiles, it is distinguished by, among others, at least five times longer life, soundproofing and corrosion resistance.

Composite tile is a way for quick and easier roofing work. The material mounted with two wood screws can be freely cut and drilled without the risk of mechanical damage. Its weight and lack of system tiles translates into savings in terms of both assembly speed and investment in the roof truss.

Model 1

The classic flat tile has been redesigned using innovative technology and the original X-Grid system. The inspiration for the form is the calm state of the sea, the harmony of which reflects the unique character of this product. The flat tile fits perfectly into various styles of construction, both very modern and traditional. Its versatility and elegance make the roof a unique charm.

Model 2

The innovative form of the Buran tile is inspired by gusty wind, which gives it a dynamic and modern form. The pattern is based on two waves broken with a clear edge, thanks to which this product is an interesting alternative to the traditional corrugated roof tile. The Buran tile perfectly fits into modern architecture, giving the buildings a unique character. Regardless of whether a new construction project or renovation of an old roof is planned, the Buran tile will emphasize the uniqueness of the building.

Model 3

The original form of the Sarma tile refers to the strength of the mountain wind, and the characteristic triangular pattern is a unique element of its design. The Sarma tile is best suited to modern construction, giving a clear and modern character. Its unique shape catches the eye and stands out from other tiles, making the roof an important element of the arrangement of the house.

Tetrix Company’s remarkable achievement in receiving the Red Dot Award “Best of the Best” showcases their exceptional design quality, superior functionality, and groundbreaking innovations. This recognition reaffirms Tetrix’s commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new industry standards.

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At Tetrix Company, we are proud to have assembled a skilled and dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about providing exceptional rooftop solutions. Our team combines expertise in various areas to deliver high-quality services and products to our valued customers.